AllHerLuv – Cadence Lux And Freya Parker – Starting Over Part 1


Freya Parker has helped her new roommate Cadence Lux move in. Serving some white wine she asks Cadence: “What’s wrong?”. “I was just thinking, you know, a year ago I was married, my own house, a career, and now…”, Cadence responds. Freya: “You have me”. “I have a roommate”, says Cadence with a smile.

“Having a roommate isn’t so bad, it’s like having a wife you could swap out for something better”, Freya contends. “You know what, cheers to that!”, Cadence exclaims, lifting her glass in a toast. “Don’t get ideas though, I’m on a lease so I’ll be doing the swapping out”, Freya jokes. “No worries, I’m used to it, I was the one being swapped out in my marriage”, Cadence remarks.

Freya responds: “I didn’t mean…”, but Cadence interrupts: “No, I mean what’s the fun in life if you can’t joke about it”. “Things’ll work out”, Freya says, stroking Cadence’s thigh. “You know, on the surface I want to believe that, but deep down I just feel that things will never be right again”, Cadence says ruefully. “Look, I know we’re basically strangers, but be honest, did it feel right?”, Freya asks. “You’re right, it didn’t”, Cadence replies. Freya rubs her roommate’s thigh again in support, changing the subject: “How about I call for those pizzas?”.

Now Cadence is on her bed, holding her phone and looking despondent. Freya enters the bedroom and inquires: “Everything okay?”. “Sure”, Cadence says. “Is it about your ex?”, Freya asks. “They just seem to have moved on so quickly, I can’t even process it”, Cadence says. “Well, what’s bothering you?”, Freya asks. “I found out they cheated on me”, Cadence answers. “I’m so sorry”. Cadence continues: “The worst thing about it, I begged them to stay”, still using the plural pronoun that doesn’t specify a specific gender.

“How fucking pathetic is that?”, Cadence says. “It’s not pathetic -you loved them”. “Did I? I mean sure, part of me loved them -I was so desperate to hold onto them, but it’s just deep down I knew the truth, I didn’t really love them. I was just scared of being a failure. I feel like such a loser”, Cadence claims.

“You’re not a loser”, Freya reassures her. “You barely even know me”, Cadence retorts. “But I care about you”, Freya says. “Well, then be prepared to be let down”, Cadence asserts. Freya rubs her roommate’s thigh and says: “You’re destined for greatness, I know it”.

“Why are you so sweet to me?”, Cadence inquires. “You remind me of myself”, Freya contends. “Really?”. “Yeah, I’ll tell you about it sometime”, Freya defers. “I have so much respect for you. You’re a strong woman and you’re following your dreams”, Freya says. She leans forward and kisses her. Cadence backs away, asking “What was that for?”. “You didn’t like it?” Freya asks. Cadence says: “I’m not sure I’m ready for anything -I just don’t want to hurt you”.

Freya says: “Well, I’m not expecting anything really. You know, I just want to share this moment with you”. “You really want me?”, Cadence asks. “Why wouldn’t I? I mean you’re beautiful and funny and amazing.” Cadence responds: “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “Well, you know you’re trapped in your own world. You can’t see what’s in front of you”, Freya maintains.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for a new relationship”, Cadence says. “Honey, I was just looking to have fun, something between two friends”, Freya avers. Frowning, Cadence replies: “Oh.” “That doesn’t upset you?”, Freya wonders. Cadence says: “Look, it’s a relief. I don’t think I’ve ever tried that. It’s like it’s always been so serious”. Freya pushes away Cadence’s hair gently and kisses her on the neck, saying: “Well sex can be serious, as long as it’s, you know, fun and free”. “Your hands feel good on me”, Cadence concedes. “Promise me you’re going to have fun”, Freya demands. “I’ll have fun, I’m sure!”, Cadence insists. They kiss in earnest.

Pristine Edge

Date: September 23, 2022