APOVStory – Amber Moore – Just Curious


Stepsister (Amber Moore) comes into the bedroom, asking: “Do you have any extra blankets?”. She looks in the closet, continuing: “I must have gotten a chill”. Stepbrother (Milan), lying on his bed, says: “Why don’t you put on some pants, then?”. “Are you going to help me, or criticize me, like aren’t siblings supposed to help each other? You know my life was so much easier before you moved in” she replies. “Well, just a year ago, I was daddy’s little angel, the apple of his eye. Now I have to share the spotlight, and I don’t even have enough to keep me warm, from freezing to death”, she continues. “Come here”, he motions for her, tapping the bed. “What are you doing?”, she asks…

“I’ll warm up your feet”, he offers. “You’re not going to do anything weird, are you?”, she asks. “Trust me”, he says, and she gets on the bed beside him, laying her head on his chest. “That kind of works”, she says, as he rubs his stockinged feet against her bare ones. “I see”, he replies. “Who knew? My stepbrother -a personal warming device”, she jokes. “Isn’t this how they stay warm in cold climates? Cuddling together?”, she wonders. “Don’t!”, he exclaims, as her hand idly wanders down his body. “Sorry, it was accidental”, she says. “It’s okay”, he says. “I didn’t mean to”, she claims. “That’s fine”, he says. “I’m still cold”, she asserts. “Don’t worry, we can still cuddle a bit if you want”, he suggests. “It’s not weird?”, she wonders. “No, it’s okay”, he insists. “Okay”, she says. “Oh, wow, what are you doing?”, he asks, as she fondles him. “I’m just curious”, she claims. “What do you mean?”, he asks. “I made that happen, right? It makes me feel powerful”, she says. “I don’t know what to do with that”, he replies, referring to his boner under the covers. “Can I see it?”, she asks. “It’s not how siblings are supposed to act”, he states. “Why not?”, she wonders. “It just isn’t”, he asserts. “Please, I won’t touch”, she pleads. “All right, you can take a look but no touch”, he concedes. “Okay”, she says, and he removes the blanket, exposing his large cock. She laughs and he asks: “You never seen cock before?”. “Um, not up close, but in a dark room”, she responds. “Can I touch it?”, she asks. “I don’t know”, he says. “I’ll give you something in exchange”, she offers. “Like what?”, he asks. “I don’t know. Think of something”, she replies. She starts stroking his dick, asking: “Like that? Am I doing it right?”. Watching it become erect, she says: “Is that feeling good? You’re really big”. Laughing, she adds: “I can put two hands on it. I like how it feels in my hands. Can I kiss it?”. She leans forward and kisses the tip gently, then kisses the shaft. “Can I lick it?”, she escalates. She licks it repeatedly, still stroking it. “It’s so big”, she reiterates, laughing and beginning a blow-job.

Date: November 5, 2022
Actors: Amber Moore / Milan