BraceFaced – Kharlie Stone – College Guys Love Braces


The cute,nerdy, and bracefaced Kharlie Stone is ping off some homework to her best friend who was absent from school! She arrives at her house only to be greeted by her friends hot older stepbrother who’s in college. They get to talking and the stepbrother finds Kharlie to be a bit familiar, but where does he know her from? Turns out she’s always over tutoring his stepsister while him and his college buds are out by the pool. It all makes sense now, and stepbrother thinks Kharlie is pretty hot. Maybe she would want to take a dip in the pool sometime? And what better time than now? stepbrother goes and retrieves one of his stepsisters bathing suits and Kharlie goes to change. stepbrother brings out his inner creep and goes to spy on her. Damn is her body petite and sexy. He was so in the moment that he got caught before he could flee the scene. Kharlie was pissed, but damn fucking a college guy with a braces fetish would be great for her reputation. Kharlie utilizes her tin grin to suck her best friends stepbrothers cock, which felt amazing. After turning out that twat for a bit too, what better way to show a braceface some love than polishing those brackets up with some slick jizz? Kharlie was not just grateful, but extremely satisfied!

Date: November 12, 2022
Actors: Kharlie Stone