FamilyStrokes – Bambi Black – The Scent Of A Stepsister


Bambi Black and her stepbrother are such good caretakers. They help their temporarily blind stepdad into the house gently and carefully, sitting him down on the couch and offering him their love and support. Then, they start pretending to kick him in the face! Wait, I thought these two were considerate. They sneak away while their blind stepdad is left alone in the dark and decide to start some foreplay in the hallway. Then, they give the old man some headphones so they can fuck in peace. Bambi sucks her bros curved cock with verve and vigor before proceeding to ride him rambunctiously on the couch next to their blind stepdad. As she takes her bros dick, in her tight, white pussy lips, her stepdad tries valiantly to regain his vision. Then, just as her bro busts his load all over Bambi, their stepdad comes to and can miraculously see again. Too bad he couldnt see what his kids were up to!

Date: September 29, 2022
Actors: Bambi Black