FilthyFamily – Sandy Love And Dani Diaz – My House My Rules


Sandy Love came home from her yoga class. She heard some noises coming Juan Loco’s bedroom. Noises? More like moaning. Loud moaning. She went towards his room and peaked in. There he was, her stepson fucking his new girlfriend Dani Diaz. This was kind of sexy. Sandy Love started to play with herself while she was watching them. Her hand was slapping her pussy. That wasn’t fair. Why did they get to fuck while she was just masturbating? It was her house! She walked in on them. Her stepson complained. Mom, I am fucking! But she wanted to join. Dani understood her completely. Come on, she said, she is just your step mom! Sandy got what she came for. First the two girls sucked dick. Then they took turns in riding and fucking Juan. After lots of fucking Juan tried to spread his cum evenly over both faces.

Date: November 9, 2022