MissaX – Aubree Valentine – Daddy’s Bad Girl III


Stepdad Clarke Kent wakes up with a start -his daughter Aubree Valentine is in bed naked beside him!

She informs him that he stumbled into her bedroom last night after his bachelor’s party, thinking it was her mom’s room. Nothing happened -after a night of partying he can’t remember a thing. They agree not to tell mom how they wound up in bed together, but unfortunately Aubree informs daddy after his shower that she told her what happened and mom’s left with Aunt Lorraine, to rethink her marriage.

Aubree offers to take daddy to a new horror movie “Ominous Nights” to help forget his predicament, and afterward convinces him to cuddle with her in bed -okay since they both promise to keep their clothes on. But the adoring young vixen keeps making googly eyes at daddy, and Clarke can’t resist her relentless teasing.

Things heat up when she innocently asks him: “I want to see your cock, daddy”. “Just a peek”, he responds, adding “It’ll be our little secret”.

Date: November 28, 2022