MissaX – Lilly James – When Dad Is Away


Stepson Juan Loco has pledged to his dad that he’ll take care of mommy, while dad is away staying at the lake house with his buddies. But mom (Lilly James) declares: “We can’t do this anymore”, guilt-ridden that she’s cheating on her husband with his teenage son.

Later, that evening they’re on the sofa watching a movie on TV, with a big bowl of popcorn to share. Juan snuggles a bit with mommy to warm her up in the cold living room, and even gives her an appreciated foot massage. As the 18-year-old’s wandering hands move up mom’s thighs, the busty MILF shows signs of becoming aroused, but is intent on resisting her horny 19-year old kid’s obvious intentions.

Juan’s eyes grow wide as he spies a large wet spot on her pink panties, but before they can kiss, they’re interrupted by her phone ringing -it’s daddy on the horn. With Juan lightly kissing her knee she says “That’s a good boy”, while chatting with her husband. She hides her passion from daddy as Juan eats her pussy.

When the phone is passed to him, Juan clearly enjoys deceiving his dad, and as she murmurs: “You really know how to take care of mommy”, Juan penetrates her pussy with his big dick.

Lexi Lore

Date: September 23, 2022