ModernDaySins – Lexi Luna – Idle Fantasies: My Eyes Are Up Here


Seth Gamble, a pool service worker, arrives at a new client’s house and knocks at the front door. Strangely, no one answers. Rather than leave without completing his work, Seth heads to the back of the house to see if the owners are by the pool instead. When he approaches the pool, however, he is pleasantly surprised to see Lexi Luna, his client’s wife, sunbathing. She’s lying on her front, her plump and juicy ass out for anyone to see, barely concealed by her skimpy bikini. She has her earphones in and doesn’t hear Seth, so he decides to check her out for a moment, clearly liking what he sees.

When Lexi realizes that Seth is there, she has no idea that he’s been ogling her. She introduces herself pleasantly and gives Seth the go-ahead to get to work on cleaning the pool. But Seth has other ideas in mind… In a calculated, sly move, Seth convinces Lexi to come to help him with various tasks around the pool so that he can continue to ogle her from flattering angles. He asks her to reach for the pool filters, and he checks her ass out as she does it. After, he ‘accidentally’ drops his keys into the pool. Since she’s in a bathing suit already, he asks her to go retrieve them for him. When she surfaces, he gets an amazing view of her cleavage from above.

But Lexi wasn’t born yesterday- she knows EXACTLY what Seth is up to, and she’s happy to go further if he wants. Seth can’t believe his luck as Lexi swims right up to him and takes his cock out of his pants as he sits on the edge of the pool. Lexi gives him a blowjob, and then she pulls him into the pool for some more fun. They make out as Lexi peels off his soaked clothes, and then she sucks him off by the edge of the pool again once he’s totally naked. Lexi then takes her breasts out of her bikini top and tittyfucks Seth.

Seth spreads a towel on the ground and Lexi lies back on it, spreading her legs for Seth to eat her out. When her pussy is wet and ready, Seth fucks her in missionary. After this, they move to a lounge chair and Seth lies on his back so that Lexi can ride him in multiple variations of cowgirl. Following this, they stand up and Seth fucks her in doggystyle, followed by spooning doggystyle after he lowers her down again onto the lounge chair. Seth flips Lexi onto her back again and continues to fuck in her missionary until Lexi decides to it’s her turn to be in control and rides him in reverse cowgirl. Finally, Seth tittyfucks Lexi until he cums onto her neck and face.

Date: September 23, 2022