Mylf – Sarah Taylor – Mylf Sex Robot


What’s up, MYLF lovers? It’s time for another Labs update, which means we’re messing around with a new experiment. In this update, we’re playing with the idea of the perfect wife. For the sake of her lover’s admiration, she does any and every task without batting an eye. Only there is one thing about this wife – she’s a robot! These highly advanced “fembots” aren’t exclusively perfect wives but, instead, can fulfill any need. Are you Looking to get a massage with a happy ending? How about a personal trainer to help you exercise in ways you never thought possible? No matter what you desire, a fembot is the answer! In this episode, Maximus gets Sarah, a fembot who acts as the perfect wife. But when she malfunctions, he calls Tommy to come and fix her. When Tommy arrives, Maximus is nowhere to be found, so he tries out this super hot fembot for himself. Sarah is perfect in every way. Her tits and pussy are just like the real thing, and she has no problems keeping Tommy satisfied.

Date: December 1, 2022
Actors: Sarah Taylor