MyPervyFamily – Keely Rose – Stood Up Stepsis Still Gets Fucked…By Me


You are not going to believe this… this is literaly the 3rd time he’s done this. This stupid guy keeps standing me up. I’m sorry about that, you want me to get you ice cream or something to cheer you up? Nah… I (Johnny Love) have a better idea. Let’s play a game. Let’s do something fun like truth or dare. Ah… ok. Wait what, you (Keely Rose) want me to take off my pants… but you’re like my stepsis. Exactly… we’re not technically related, now do the take and take your pants off. Ok now your turn. Hmmm… I dare you to take your shirt off and bounce around. Oh my god… you have such nice boobs. You want to play with them? Ok… this is getting serious, maybe we should stop. Relax… no one is going to find out, don’t you want to keep playing with me?? Oh my gosh… you have such a nice boner. You ever thought you would be titty fuckin’ your stepsister?? Fuck you feel so good inside me…

Date: October 12, 2022