MyYoungerLover – Chloe Surreal – Wise Beyond Your Years


Seth Gamble is finishing up some work when his girlfriend, Chloe Surreal, starts to give him a shoulder rub. They each talk about how their day went, and Chloe says her professor found out she’s dating an older guy… to her shock, the professor said that if Chloe had sex with HIM as well, he’d give her a better grade! Chloe wants to do well in college and get her degree, but she never expected a professor to suggest something like THAT.

To Chloe’s surprise, Seth tells her that he wouldn’t mind sharing her if she chooses to take the professor’s offer. Seth explains that life can get really tough sometimes, so he wouldn’t blame her if she decides to take this opportunity for success. Chloe says she’ll think about it… but in the meantime, she wants to show her gratitude to Seth for being such an open-minded and supportive boyfriend, so she enthusiastically makes love to him.

Date: September 23, 2022