MyYoungerLover – Haley Spades – Shut Up And Plow Me


Marcus London tries to tell his wife that he needs to leave early for work, but she doesn’t seem to care. Marcus then waits outside on a park bench, because his real reason for leaving home early is to meet with his secret lover, Haley Spades. When she arrives, Haley Spades is eager to get frisky, but Marcus wants to have a talk. He says he’s worried that he’s too old for her, and she’d be better off with guys her own age. But Haley says she doesn’t like guys her age, and that she likes Marcus just the way he is. Marcus agrees to go somewhere more private.

Once they’re alone in a bedroom, Marcus again expresses his concerns that their relationship might not have much of a future. But Haley is happy to just live in the moment, and kisses him. Marcus gives in to temptation and has passionate sex with her, even though he’s still not sure how much longer this affair can last…

Ana Foxxx

Date: August 4, 2022
Actors: Haley Spades