NuruMassage – Sophia Burns – Decompression Session


A masseuse, Sophia Burns, welcomes her newest client, Michael Vegas. This is Michael’s first time getting a NURU massage, so Sophia shows him the bowl of gel she’ll be using. Michael is intrigued, saying that he and his partner like to recommend good massage places to each other, and according to Michael’s partner, Sophia’s massage parlor is the best place by far. Sophia is flattered, and invites Michael to strip down and get onto the massage mattress.

Once they’re both naked, Sophia applies the gel to Michael’s body and begins the massage, using first her hands and then her elbow to work out the worst of the tension in Michael’s muscles. Once Michael is less tense, Sophia moves on to the next phase of the massage, pressing her naked body against him and sensually sliding up and down.

Eventually, Sophia says that Michael’s hard cock clearly needs to release tension as well, so she gets to work on that, massaging his cock with her hands, then her breasts… and then her pussy.

Date: October 8, 2022