Oopsie! – Kira Noir, Anna Claire Clouds And Lumi Ray – Our Mid-Day Ritual


Kira Noir and Anna Claire Clouds are out for a mid-day jog when they accidentally stumble into Lumi Ray’s backyard. It seems like Lumi’s got a mid-day ritual of her own, and it involves some playful BDSM with her boy toy, Codey Steele.

Lumi doesn’t notice them, so Anna convinces Kira to come along and follow Lumi and Codey into the house. When they get inside, however, they’re shocked to see Lumi waiting for them with a blindfolded Codey Steel all tied up next to her. Luma snaps her whip against her thigh-highs and beckons Anna and Kira to join. Anna can’t resist, and although Kira’s initially hesitant, she soon gives into temptation when she sees Codey’s massive cock, just waiting to get sucked on.

A thrilling foursome ensues, complete with side-by-side fucking, panty-stuffing, and Kira getting fucked through her torn jogging leggings. There’s more where that came from, so this is one mid-day ritual you WON’T want to skip out on!

Date: November 13, 2022